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The initial creation of a plan with specific details of your project always is kept first and foremost. Your vision of your ideal space is shared with us at this level. Creation of new ideas mixed with some of our own suggestions. Keeping in mind the overall design of the physical space. Goals are created and split up in this stage to better understand the project.



Developing that idea onto paper and making sure that it is ready for action. This stage is key to budget planning and actual time line. This stage might take some time to review and make changes at this stage to ensure your project is a success. This is the time to really think and review the overall plan and add or subtract anything from the current project.


installing / finishing

Install Day and final finishes. Making sure the project looks good and is functional. Now we are down to the details of the project. This is the last phase in the project and one of the most important. This shows our excellent skills and will be proven to you the customer that the finish product is of quality and excellence.